Driving Intellects and Quenching Thirst

PopSci heads to Nerd Nite to pump its brain full of knowledge and its belly full of beer

“Be there and be square.” That’s the apt motto of Nerd Nite—a monthly barroom science and history lecture series in New York City and Boston. PopSci grabbed a beer for last week’s gathering at Angels and Kingsin New York’s East Village to learn about dinosaurs, the history of drunkenness in Gotham and more.

The beauty of Nerd Nite is its ability to make learning not only fun, but funny. The presenters—experts either by profession or obsession—combine the skills of a university lecturer and a stand-up comedian. Hence: Ben Drexler’s presentation covered everything from “What Really Killed the Dinosaurs?” to “How to Sex a T-Rex.”

The audience is feisty, and hecklers often chime in—to correct the usage of a biological term, for instance, or physics principle. So grab a glass and join in.