Unless you’re a regular reader of TechCrunch or Vallywag, you probably wouldn’t recognize many–or any–of the DEMO conference attendees as celebrities. So we were all psyched to get some time with John Oates (who used to play with a guy named Daryl), telling the story of how he wrote the song “She’s Gone.”

John’s one of the musicians who’s recorded music lesson videos (selling for $5-$10) with iVideosongs, one of the 77 companies that debuted at DEMO in Palm Desert, California. Other artists include Graham Nash and Jim Messina of Buffalo Springfield.

I haven’t tried the downloads yet. And being pretty much tone deaf, I probably won’t become a better musician, but I still got a real kick out of hearing a musician I admire telling the story behind a song that I love.

Check out the video above to hear Oates play and listen below as he recounts giving guitar lessons while in college.