After announcing that it will take a $1 billion hit due to Xbox 360 repairs, Microsoft spun some good news at this week’s E3 Media and Business Summit. The company broke news of a new slate of games, including the much anticipated Halo 3, due out September 25th. But another interesting newcomer, the original – yes, that means it’s not a sequel, and not based on a movie – game Lost Odyssey has also been grabbing attention.

There’s a great summary of the story at, and it definitely seems appealing based on the trailer. The game revolves around a librarian – no, just kidding, he’s a warrior – who has a massive case of amnesia. He has lived for over a thousand years, and even survived a meteor strike, but he has little idea about his past.

To save his world, he has to fight some nasty foes, including what appear to be dinosaurs, dragons, giant robots, and possibly a few of the aforementioned strange creatures outfitted with exoskeletons. And, you know, you’ll probably try to help him figure out who he really is along the way, but really it’s the fighting that looks fun. One question, though: If this guy can survive a meteor strike, how does he ever die? Do you play forever? And how are they ever going to make a sequel to an infinite game?—Gregory Mone

(Image credit: Microsoft)