A Video Game Helps Artificial Intelligences Learn to Learn

Ever wish you could play a game that tailors its strategy around your particular playing style? Thanks to a team of game programmers affiliated with the MIT Media Lab, and their project The Restaurant Game, that might be a reality sooner than you think.

One of the holy grails for programmers is to create artificial intelligence that’s able to teach itself based on variables taken in on the fly. The Restaurant Game seeks to accomplish this by analyzing real interactions between a waiter and a customer, and figuring out which interaction combinations yield favorable results.

The programmers, Deb Roy and Jeff Orkin, refer to these combinations as “interaction traces”; they could involve something as simple as a large tip for a promptly delivered meal. The end goal for this project is to create an AI that can adapt to different situations without the need for human programming.

And the best part is that you can help contribute to the process. The restaurant game is downloadable for OS X and Windows, and can be played through in about 10 minutes.

[via The Restaurant Game via H+ via Slashdot]