Though always known for its odd, over-the-top exhibits, CES took the cake this year by featuring a full TV sound studio–inside Sony’s already-massive booth. The studio featured the brand-new set design for Jeopardy, the nerd television institution owned by Sony Pictures that was celebrating its 25th season by filming its “Celebrity Jeopardy!” and “Tournament of Champions” editions, which began airing last week.

That gave us a chance at CES to meet up with geek-god Alex Trebek (who just gets better-looking every year) to talk about TV, tech, and trivia. Trebek claims to be a technology dinosaur, saying he doesn’t even know what model cellphone he carries. But we weren’t buying it. The guy’s been working in electronic television since the age of the dinosaurs-well actually, 1961, when he started at the Canadian Broadcasting Company. But he remains a master of the medium-dreaming of how his show will look on OLED sets and in 3D.