Also in today’s links: some really freaky growths.

  • We figure it’s been someone’s lifelong dream to write “Participants: head bangers” in the abstract for a research paper. Although the conclusion that said participants need to minimize the range of their banging — to decrease the risk of traumatic brain injury — may be disappointing to some.
  • There’s really not much more to say than to describe this: [a baby was found to have a foot growing in his brain.]( l) Yep. With five toes, and parts of another foot, hand and thigh. Deliciously creeped out? Here are links to more similar incidents of [“vanishing twins.”]( #0)
  • Still, I think I’d rather have tiny limbs removed from my body rather than 13 pounds of warts.
  • Some concerned journalists, professors and lawyers in Japan are protesting Google’s “Street View” function, saying the program “constitutes violent infringement on citizens’ privacy.”
  • Here’s a theory that cologne body sprays for men actually DO make the ladies fall all over them — by changing the man’s bearing.