Also in our links: hairy children, swimming turtles, aliens, and more.

  • Today’s completely counterintuitive news: marijuana could help stave off memory impairment. Now we’re really not sure how to explain some of our high school classmates’ behavior. Next they’ll be saying it’s also a diet aid.
  • Excavations on the Isle of Skye have revealed a missing link in turtle evolution: the first ones to swim, 164 million years ago. No doubt they beat the prehistoric bunnies across the pond.
  • We are breathing a huge sigh of relief on behalf of the poor kid with “werewolf syndrome” who might be getting a little help with the hirsutism.
  • A reporter goes behind the scenes of the ornithology collection of Britain’s Natural History Museum to reveal, among other things, what seabird skins smell like.
  • The idea that there could reasonably be other intelligent life in the universe isn’t anything new, but we just love hearing scientists say it out loud, and saying that there may be many more habitable worlds than we thought.