This endoscopic camera lets you view tiny places with your smartphone

This endoscopic Android camera is perfect for pipework and circuitry.

No matter how hard you try, some spaces are just too cramped to fit your head into. If you need to fix pipework or just want to spy on nature, the Endoscopic Android Camera can help. It hooks up to your smartphone or PC to bring back live pictures from hard-to-reach places. You can grab it now for just $17.50 via the Popular Science Shop and start exploring the smaller side of life.

When doctors want to peer inside a patient without causing harm, they use a tiny endoscopic camera. This isn’t dissimilar to the Endoscopic Android Camera—the only difference is, you shouldn’t shove this down someone’s throat. It’s great for getting a closer view of nature, fixing your car, or covert security.

The camera sends back high resolution video to any PC, or any Android device with OTG and UVC functionality. It is completely waterproof, so you can send it down plumbing fixtures and into damp crevices. The head measures just 8.5mm wide, but the cable gives you 1m to play with. Plus, the camera is powered by your device, so it never needs extra charge.

Normally worth $139.99, you can grab the Endoscopic Android Camera for just $17.50—that’s a huge 87 percent markdown.