Upgrade your emergency kit with this multi-function radio and flashlight

Just crank the handle to hear weather updates 24 hours a day.

It only takes one passing storm to cut the power. When that day comes, you’ll be thankful to own the Emergency Multi-Function Radio and Flashlight. This versatile device lets you tune in to weather updates and find your way after dark, powered by the sun or the built-in crank handle. You can get yours now for $28 on a special price drop at the PopSci Store.

When your home has just been battered by a hurricane, it’s nice to know whether another one is coming. This radio lets you tune in to NOAA weather updates 24 hours a day, along with local news broadcasts on AM, FM, and WB. It even has a pull-out antenna to ensure you get a strong signal.

The device runs on a built-in rechargeable battery, but you can also turn the handle to generate some power. On a sunny day, the integrated solar panel can collect energy from above. You can use the same power sources for the flashlight, with the LED providing 500 lux. Just as importantly, the device is only five inches long.

Order now for $28 and be prepared for anything.