7 multi-functional products you need to elevate your home

Save up to 47 percent on these multi-talented devices.

In the year 2018, a lamp can’t just be a lamp. Every device needs to be versatile, contributing to your daily life in multiple ways—especially if you happen to live in a tiny apartment. With these multi-functional gadgets at the PopSci Shop, you can upgrade your home to be much more efficient.

FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table
FurniQi Bamboo Wireless Charging Side Table Stack Commerce

It might look like a regular side table, but the FurniQi also provides a wireless charging pad for your devices. It works seamlessly with any Qi-compatible device, including phones made by Samsung and Apple. The table is made from sustainable materials, and it makes a great nightstand. At just $149.99, the FurniQi is now 24 percent off.

EcoQube C Aquarium
EcoQube C Aquarium Stack Commerce

If you like fish but don’t like messing about with filters, the EcoQube C aquarium should be right up your street. This ingenious tank uses plant roots instead of regular filters. This means you can grow your favorite veggies and enjoy some aquatic life at the same time. Originally priced at $169.99, the EcoCube C is now down from $99.99 to only $89.99.

ZenCube Smart Salt Lamp
ZenCube Smart Salt Lamp Stack Commerce

Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions, which help to purify the air in your home. ZenCube is the world’s first smart salt lamp. It gives you control over the color of the light, while pumping out those helpful ions. The health benefits range from better sleeping to reduced allergic reactions. You can get yours now for $199.99—that’s $100 off the MSRP.

Levimoon Levitating Moon Light
Levimoon Levitating Moon Light Stack Commerce

This entrancing light is a perfect replica of the Moon, complete with craters and lunar seas. It floats serenely above a walnut wood base all night, and it can even change color like the real thing. Just as importantly, Levimoon works as a great night light for your bedroom. The lunar light is now 30 percent off MSRP at just $199.99.

Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket
Yaasa Studios Infinity Blanket Stack Commerce

Made from special Celliant fibers, the Yaasa Infinity blanket offers much more than heat. The material increases blood flow, helping your body to recover after exercise. In addition, the blanket regulates your body temperature to ensure you get a peaceful night’s sleep. Normally $230, the Yaasa blanket is now only $140.

Zmodo Pivot Wireless Security Camera System
Zmodo Pivot Wireless Security Camera System Stack Commerce

With two-way audio and smart home controls built in, the Zmodo Pivot security camera really is the ultimate guard dog. It can swivel through 350 degrees to cover your whole home, sending live 1080p to your phone. When you’re at home, the Pivot can also operate as a Bluetooth speaker. Grab it now for $74.99 and save 25 percent on the regular price.

EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse
EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse Stack Commerce

Another gardening option for folks who lack green thumbs is the EcoQube Air. This desktop greenhouse provides the perfect growing conditions for your herbs and veggies. Not only that, but the smart light therapy for the greenhouse can help improve your sleep patterns. Grab yours today for $169.99 (was $269).