Three sweet electric bikes for zooming around town

Improve your commute with a bit of lithium-ion.

Electric bikes can improve your commute, a steep trail, or a fun afternoon bike ride. At their core, these bikes are just regular push bikes, souped-up with torque sensors, and lithium-ion batteries to increase your pedal power. Here are three great electric bike options for your next trip.

Easy storage: ANCHEER Folding Electric Bike eBike

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Equipped with an LED headlamp and horn. Amazon

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Whether you want to pedal the Ancheer yourself or travel up to 17 mph using its e-bike feature, it’s great for your off-road adventure. The folding bike has seven gears and can hold up to 300 pounds. If you’re willing to put in some pedal power, it will last 30 miles on assisted mode. The removable lithium-ion battery can be charged while it’s on or off the bike with the included smart lithium battery charger.

Most storage options: Nakto Electric Bicycle

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The power is hidden beneath the seat. Amazon

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This electric bike is one of the most attractive options available—notice the classic wooden basket affixed to the front? Plus, unlike the two other choices, the Nakto features three modes—human mode, assisted mode, and electric mode. Its lithium battery is also removable and can power your ride up to 28 miles.

Most space-conscious: SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB5 Series Aluminum Folding Ebike

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The Swagcycle bike is powered by a 36-volt lithium-ion battery that fully charges in five hours. Using its power, you can bike up to 15.5 miles. Compared to the Ancheer, this bike is more suited to your commute (as long as work is within 15 miles). It’s equipped with a safety feature that automatically stops the motor when you brake and it folds up nicely so you can tuck it away in a corner of your office or bring it on your next trip.