Forget fumbling to open that bottle of wine in front of your friends and family. Below, simple, well-designed wine openers worth toasting.

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Forget pulling and twisting a corkscrew to open your wine, the Wine Ziz opens up your bottle through an air pump. Similar to how you would use a traditional wine opener, you position the Wine Ziz’s needle in the middle of the cork, before pumping the air a few times and viola, the cork slides right out. This opener also comes with a blade foil cutter that works by twisting around the neck of the bottle. And at 7.5 inches long, it’s the same size as your typical corkscrew opener. Wine Ziz warns not to use this for plastic corks though.

Charging base is a blue LED light that will illuminate your kitchen. Amazon

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If you ever struggle to muscle open a bottle of wine, consider an electric opener. Place the cordless device over a bottle and press the “down” button. Hit the “up” button to pull the cork out. Once the electric opener is fully charged, it can open up to 30 bottles. Plus, this wine opener comes with a foil cutter to speed up the process. This stainless steel opener would look nice on your bar cart, counter or credenza.

Made of rust-proof zinc alloy. Amazon

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The Ipow corkscrew wine opener is the most reliable version of this classic tech. This 7.5-inch opener works by hand-twisting the corkscrew into the bottle and pushing down the arms to pull out the cork. It boasts a sharp corkscrew that helps the cork not crumble into your wine and an anti-slip handle to easily pop the bottle. The top of this wine opener can also crack open your beer bottles.

This 10-inches tall. Amazon

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The sleek Oster electric wine opener works at the flip of a switch and can open 30 bottles of wine with a single charge, which takes six to eight hours. Its charging dock features a slot for the foil cutter so it won’t get lost in your kitchen. This cordless opener works for both natural and synthetic corks.