Be prepared for anything with these 8 emergency essentials

Now with up to 75 percent off MSRP.

With hurricane season here, it makes sense to be prepared for any situation. Whether you’re expecting a storm or just planning an outdoor adventure, these emergency essentials will keep you safe—and they’re up to 75 percent off today.

Viper 1000-Lumen Tactical Flashlights
Viper 1000-Lumen Tactical Flashlights Stack Commerce

If you get lost in the dark or lose power after a storm, these military-grade flashlights are nice to have. They are waterproof, ultra durable, and powerful. You can get a two-pack now with a shockproof carry case for $29.99—that’s 75 percent off.

Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight
Emergency Multi-Function Radio & Flashlight Stack Commerce

This two-in-one device lets you listen to NOAA weather updates and light your path. You can charge your phone from the built-in rechargeable battery, and the crank lets you generate more power. Normally $89.95, the radio-flashlight is now $28.

Ztylus Stinger Car Charger Emergency Tool
Ztylus Stinger Car Charger Emergency Tool Stack Commerce

Getting into a car accident is bad enough, but being trapped inside your vehicle escalates the danger. This car charger doubles as a window breaker and seatbelt cutter, giving you the means to get out in a dire situation. For everyday use, it provides two USB charging ports. Right now, the Ztylus is 9 percent off at $19.95.

PanicSafe Emergency Locator & Car Charger
PanicSafe Emergency Locator & Car Charger Stack Commerce

Another in-car option is the PanicSafe charger. When this device senses a crash, it will send your location to seven emergency contacts. Until that day comes, you use its USB ports for charging. It’s normally $79.99, but you can grab it now for $49.99.

InGear AutoXcape Emergency Multi-Tool
InGear AutoXcape Emergency Multi-Tool Stack Commerce

In the event of an accident, the AutoXcape uses a three-step system to keep you safe. This military grade multi-tool lets you slash through seatbelts, bash windows, and flash for help using the built-in light. It’s currently 20 percent off MSRP at $39.99.

5-in-1 Survival Flint Fire Starter Bracelet
5-in-1 Survival Flint Fire Starter Bracelet Stack Commerce

With this bracelet on your wrist, you have all the essentials for outdoor survival: a fire starter, a small blade, a compass, a whistle, and some paracord string. You can get a two-pack now for only $15.99 (normally $30).

Universal Waterproof Solar Charger
Universal Waterproof Solar Charger Stack Commerce

Dead battery? This portable charger will capture enough energy from the sun for that emergency call. It also has a 5,000mAh rechargeable battery and two USB charging ports, while the waterproof design makes it ideal for outdoor adventures. The charger is now 72 percent off at only $13.99.

Geko Smart Whistle
Geko Smart Whistle Stack Commerce

When you find yourself in trouble, the Geko smart whistle allows you to attract nearby attention and alert distant family at the same time. It uses GPS tracking and Bluetooth to send your precise location to two emergency contacts. You can get it now for $29.99—that’s half off the usual price.