This $100 fish tank cleans itself without expensive filters

Order the EcoQube C now to keep your fish happy and save $70.

While fish aren’t as high maintenance as dogs or cats, keeping your tank clean takes some serious effort. But with the EcoQube C Aquarium, nature does the work for you. By combining plants and aquaponics, this glass cube can clean itself. You don’t ever need to change the water, or even change the filter. You can grab one now for just $99.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

As the most popular aquarium ever on Kickstarter, EcoQube has certainly caused a splash. Essentially, it allows you to keep fish without the usual hassle and expense. To make this possible, this desktop tank uses a unique three-stage filtering system. Above the main tank, you can grow basil or mint. As the plant grows, the roots help to clean the water.

This system uses half the electricity of a regular aquarium filter, and you use 90 percent less water. Furthermore, you can save up to $250 per year on replacement filters. The tank is perfect for anywhere around your home, and it comes with remote-control LED lighting.

Normally priced at $169.99, the EcoQube is now only $99.99 for a limited time.