Bring nature inside with the EcoQube Desktop Greenhouse

It looks after your plants and uses light therapy to improve your sleep.

Living in an apartment often means giving up on outside space and even natural light. With the EcoQube Air Desktop Greenhouse, you can nurture your own plants in any home. With a smart hydroponics system and lights that help you sleep better at night, this really is the ultimate way to grow flowers and veggies. You can get your own EcoQube for $199 at the Popular Science Shop. Plus, take an extra 15 percent off this deal with code SAVE15 (valid thru 10/29.)

Inspired by NASA and funded to the tune of $300,000 on Kickstarter, this beautiful little greenhouse is pure genius. Once you sow your seeds (you can find full setup instructions on EvoQube’s website), the EcoQube Air takes full responsibility for your plants.

Multi-color LED lights provide the perfect energy source, while dual fans circulate fresh air inside the greenhouse. The hydroponics system uses no messy soil, and you can control the whole thing via your smartphone. With 12 individual plant pods, you can create your own little desktop nursery.

Along with powering your plants, the EcoQube Air can help you sleep better. The artificial lighting adapts to your sleep pattern, helping you wind down at night and feel fresh in the morning.

Worth $269, the greenhouse is now just $199 with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty included. And take an extra 15 percent off with code SAVE15!