Going out to lunch can be stressful: you have to find a place (decision paralysis) and then, inevitably, end up throwing out a lot of waste like plastic or styrofoam. It’s hard on planet earth and hard on your wallet. The responsible, adult move is to pack your own lunch, which means you’ll be saving money and eating healthier. Upgrade your lunch a step further by using zero-waste supplies so that you can help save the planet, too.

Here are our favorite accessories to use when packing your zero-waste:

The holy grail of vacuum-sealed lunch containers. Amazon

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This Japanese company has been around for more than one hundred years, and their popularity is well-deserved: their products actually work. With their food jar, you can enjoy your stews or soups hot, hours later, and keep cold things cool if you choose. Made out of stainless steel, this food jar comes in fun colors like pink, aqua, and cream, as well as classic black and silver. For advanced users, some claim that the jar can actually cook food. By adding boiling water and oats in the morning, you could eat oatmeal for lunch.

For colder beverages. Amazon

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For fans of iced coffee, this BPA-free glass tumbler will up your afternoon caffeine game. It has a built-in coaster so you don’t have to worry about leaving condensation rings on your office or home desk, and has a reusable straw for sipping without the distress of harming the ocean. It’s also dishwasher safe, which makes cleanup a breeze.

Compostable and eco-friendly. Amazon

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Best for quick packaging, these wildly popular food wraps handcrafted in Vermont make packing up cheese, fruit, vegetables, and bread easy. You can also use them to cover bowls with food, making them ready to go in a pinch. Replace your plastic wrap with these organic sheets that come in four fun prints.

Plastic-free storage. Amazon

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Keep your food separate with three different compartments: you can stack a full sandwich on the bottom tier and a salad on the top tier, while a removable nesting pod is ideal for hummus, thick sauces, or yogurt. The compartments and closures snap easily into place, which makes packing lunch a breeze.