Do you need more patio furniture, or do you need one of these inflatable pools?

Lounge, entertain, and keep the kids happy.

The inflatable pool is a staple—an iconic vessel of entertainment and necessary source of relief. Heat and humidity during the dog days of summer make it harder for your body to cool off on its own, and that can get dangerous.

In terms of personal pools, the inflatable version is about the best you can do. No need to dig a giant hole in your yard or pay thousands of dollars to pour concrete. In terms of temporary installations, inflatable pools are typically deeper than their hard plastic counterparts and can fold up for easy storage when the weather cools down.

What makes a good inflatable pool? Durability is huge; no one wants to shell out for three separate pool every summer. Getting a pool with generous depth is also a good idea. Just because a pool allows for 2 feet of water, doesn’t mean you have to fill it up for maximum capacity, and it’s nice to have options.

For children: Homech Inflatable Swimming Pool

Very Small Laps

Bottom line, this one is durable. Amazon


The material that comprises the Homtech blow-up kiddie pool is 50 percent thicker than its competitors, making it way harder to pierce. This kiddie pool is just over 7.5 feet long and more than 4.5 feet wide, so there’s plenty of room for children. It’s also 22 inches deep—subtract a couple of inches for actual water depth once filled. While this is not an ideal splash pool for babies and toddlers, the size of this pool is perfect for small groups of kids ages three and up (or a few adults, cold beverage in hand).

More room: Intex 8ft x 30in Easy Set Inflatable Swimming Pool with 330 GPH Filter Pump

Not Just For Kids

Now we’re getting into serious water lounging. Amazon


This Intex Easy Set Up pool can hold 1,018 gallons of water, making it bigger (and cheaper!) than the Sable. At 10 feet in diameter and 30 inches deep, it’s well-equipped to handle a pool party with a few of the neighbors, and an inflatable ring on top rises as you fill the pool so the water doesn’t spill out. The pool requires no tools to set it up and comes with a repair kit so a leak doesn’t mean game over. (Though it’s made of three durable layers, so it’s pretty hard to poke a hole in this thing.) It also comes with a 330 GPH pump.

Take a lap: Intex 32ft X 16ft X 52in Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set with Sand Filter Pump

For Serious Swimmers

An above-ground option for you and the family. Amazon


If you’re ready to commit to a truly swimmable backyard pool but don’t want to take out a second mortgage, try this above-ground pool with a filter. This Intex model is 32 feet X 16 feet X 52-inch, but maxes out at 90 percent capacity, which is still enough to actually swim in. It comes with a ground cloth, debris cover, pool ladder, and a Krystal clear cartridge filter pump.