Duet With Your Favorite Singers with this Waterproof Shower Speaker

Enjoy high-quality Bluetooth audio every morning and save 83% off MSRP

We’ve gone to the moon and cured plagues — but building a speaker that works in the bathroom has proved challenging for mankind. The Bluetooth Shower Speaker finally solves this problem. This durable little device shrugs off water, and belts out the perfect backing track for your shower vocals. Right now, the Shower Speaker is just $9.99 via the Popular Science Shop.

This speaker actually sticks to the inside of your shower with the supplied suction cup. It syncs up to your phone via Bluetooth, with a range of 30 feet – meaning you can easily switch tracks and adjust the volume right there in the shower using the built-in controls (keeping your phone nice and dry).

And don’t underestimate this little guy in terms of audio quality: rich sound cuts through the spray, so you can properly hear your favorite tracks. The speaker also has an integrated mic, allowing you to take calls from under the shower head (just don’t tell your boss). If you love waking up to tunes, or just want a poolside playlist, this speaker has you covered.

Normally $59.99, the Bluetooth Shower Speaker is now just $9.99 — order now to save 83% off MSRP.