‘Tis the season for buying stuff, and if you´re anything like us, that means surfing the Web for presents-and for toys you´d like to own yourself. This year, instead of dropping hapless hints (â€Wow, honey, I sure do like Nintendo. You know what would be really fun to do on a Saturday sometime? Play Nintendoâ€), make your desires crystal-clear with a page on, a site that lets you compile a most-wanted rundown of products from multiple sites, for hassle-free groveling. Here, for inspiration, we offer a glimpse at the goods the PopSci staff is coveting right now. Our advice: Include a few realistic possibilities, and then let your fantasies run wild. Chances are she´s not going to spring for that Ducati, but a man can dream. Launch the gallery here.

Black and Decker Workmate 425

My shop is my kitchen, so this sturdy, foldaway workbench with built-in clamp and power strip is perfect for my studio-apartment woodworkery. $70; -Mike Haney (senior editor)

Oakley Oil Drum Polarized Sunglasses

Hottest. Flyfishing. Glasses. Ever. Oakley’s process bonds the polarizing stuff to the lenses while it’s in liquid form, ensuring that it’ll never peel off (others simply apply it like tape). $170; -Joe Brown (associate editor)

Omega Seamaster Moon

I thought I was good to go for a while with James Bond watches, but in Casino Royale, Daniel Craig sports the drool-worthy Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean, a more casual counterpart to the blinged-out Seamaster Professional that I’ve worn to dive bars on five continents. $3,400; -Joe Brown (associate editor)

Griffin TuneCenter

Until Apple´s official home-media solution comes out in 2007, this is what I want for accessing my library of music and (legally) downloaded library of Good Eats on my TV. $130; -Mike Haney (senior editor)

Burton Vapor

The ultimate gift for the ultimate mountain carver, this is the lightest snowboard on the market. $950; -Matthew Cokeley (art director)

JoCo Code Monkey T-shirt

The best kind of present shows off your style and supports a worthy cause-in this case, the music of indie musician/nerd hero Jonathan Coulton, who´s also PopSci´s â€contributing troubadourâ€. $21; -Megan Miller (web editor)

Tag Heuer Carrera Calibre 360

Because I want to look fast even standing still. -Matthew Cokeley (art director)

The Family That Couldn´t Sleep, by D.T. Max

A nonfiction book about an Italian family plagued by mysterious killer insomnia. $17; -Lauren Aaronson (assistant editor)

Lexar Jumpdrive Mercury 2GB

I´ve never carried a flash drive, but I think it’s about time I start packing gigabytes. This one´s E-Ink display shows its capacity at all times. $110; -John Mahoney (assistant web editor)

DC Allegiance Snowboard Boot

The first snowboarding boot to feature dual ratcheting tensioners, it allows you to fine-tune your fit better than any other. And it looks fly. $300; -Joe Brown (associate editor)

The James Bond Ultimate Edition

As good as Casino Royale was, you still need an old-fashioned Q fix from time to time. The first two volumes of this new set are out now, and the final two come out December 12. $60 each; -Doug Cantor (associate editor)

Tiger Woods PGA Tour ´07 (PS3)

I played this at a press event a couple weeks ago, and it´s clearly worth the risk of repetitive stress disorder and being trampled trying to buy a PS3. Insane graphics and intuitive gameplay, especially with the PS3´s motion-sensing controller. $60; -Doug Cantor (associate editor)


This software loads the popular Stokes CD collection of birdsongs onto your iPod, complete with images and intuitive playlists grouped by species and habitat. The ultimate bird-watcher´s accessory. $59; -Dawn Stover (editor at large)

Nikon D40

I´ve been considering the upgrade to an SLR for years. My hesitation: I don’t know what to do with all those fancy settings. The D40 has onscreen hints that tell you when to adjust the ISO or white balance, so you learn as you shoot. $600; -Mike Haney (senior editor)

JBL Spyro Speakers

I´ve been searching for a speaker system that looks nice enough to display in my apartment. This little number is almost sculptural, and the flower-shaped units remind me of Tord Boontje´s designs, with which I´m obsessed. $130; -Megan Miller (web editor)

Paul Smith â€Naked Lady†iPod case

This might be the perfect accessory for my favorite gadget: an iPod case in rich leather with a naughty pin-up girl pic inside. $210; -Megan Miller (web editor)

Ducati 1098

I like my bikes as I like my women: foreign and feisty. Ducati returns to form with the 1098, packing more cheek-clenching new tech under a classic Italian sculpture. Starting at $15,000; -Matthew Cokeley (art director)

Canon CanoScan 9950F

As a hobbyist photographer who still wants to shoot film but doesn’t have much cash, digitizing the film workflow can help save some dough and still produce prints from negatives. Being able to hold 120 film is a must for my medium-format tinkering. $350; -John Mahoney (assistant web editor)

Nokia N93

A journalist´s dream phone: video and voice recording for interviewing people in the field, and Wi-Fi to read the latest news wherever you are. $700; -Lauren Aaronson (assistant editor)

EuroSled Ava-Luge Ice Model

An amateur sled designed with the same aerodynamics as a pro luge. $130; -Lauren Aaronson (assistant editor)

Mr. Bento

Finding great lunch spots is one of my favorite things about working in New York City, but it can be vicious on the wallet. Enter Mr. Bento, a sleek stack of four insulated, microwavable bowls. $35; -John Mahoney (assistant web editor)

iRiver Clix MP3 Player

Great for video (aside from having relatively limited storage) and more functional than similarly-priced iPods. $170; -Doug Cantor (associate editor)