Get eight times closer to the action with this monocular lens

Enjoy sports or wildlife through this pocket scope and save 84 percent off MSRP.

When that rare bird flies overhead, or you make an even rarer eagle on the golf course, seeing the important details is essential. With the 8x Dual Focus Monocular Lens, you won’t miss a thing. This powerful pocket scope offers exceptional image quality, even in low light. You can pick one up now for just $7.99 at the Popular Science Shop.

This mini scope has a multi-coated lens to reduce glare and cut through the haze. The wide aperture gathers an impressive amount of light, meaning you can still see over 3000 feet at dusk. It also has a fold-down eyecup for glasses wearers, and a durable design that offers a good grip.

Even if you own binoculars or a full-size scope, you probably don’t carry these optics around every day. With this lens, you always have that extra reach in your pocket. It’s perfect for watching wildlife, cheering on your favorite team, or just taking in the sights.

The lens is normally $49.99, but you can get it now for only $7.99—that’s 84 percent off MSRP.