Drive Genius 5 is the Genius Bar’s choice for keeping Macs running smoothly

This award-winning app looks after your hard drive and helps clear clutter.

Just as your car needs service every so often, so does your Mac. Drive Genius is an award-winning app that manages this essential maintenance schedule so you don’t have to. It even warns you about potential problems, repairs struggling drives, and helps with clearing the clutter, too. Right now, you can get the latest version of the app for $39 via the Popular Science Shop.

Drive Genius has been used at the Genius Bar in Apple Stores for over seven years now. It works by scanning your system and automatically optimizing the performance of your Mac. It can detect malware and potential problems with your hard drive, alerting you before things escalate. You can get Drive Genius to repair files and folders, or even create a bootable backup.

Among many other features, Drive Genius 5 lets you search for duplicates and large files taking up precious storage space. You can then easily delete files you don’t need, immediately clearing out space. In addition, the app checks for hardware issues and lets you personalize your setup. For instance, you can set custom icons for each drive for easier identification.

Normally priced at $99, Drive Genius 5 is now just $39 for a limited time.