by Courtesy Satoshi

It takes two sets of wings to Tango-this unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from Draganfly Innovations uses tandem front and rear wings pitched in opposite directions (front set up, rear set down) to significantly increase its stability in the air, which makes it easier to control. Available as either a remote-controlled UAV or a fully autonomous drone, the fiberglass Tango uses a camera [A] in its underbelly and a 2.4-gigahertz radio antenna to send TV-quality live video to your computer. A thermal sensor [b] in a pod on top of the fuselage measures the temperature difference between the ground and the atmo-sphere, serving as a horizon detector and enabling the Tango to automatically level itself in flight. The autonomous version uses GPS to follow waypoints preprogrammed by computer and will take photos and video on demand-great for finding a lost pooch, photographing real estate, or being really nosey.

Draganfly Innovations Tango

Length: 48 in.

Wingspan: 60 in.

Weight: 5.3 lbs.

Motor: 400-watt DC electric

Battery: 5 hrs. (lithium polymer)

Range: Up to 10 miles

Speed: Up to 60 mph

Price: $10,000 (radio-controlled) or $24,000 (autonomous)

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