Otto The Bulldog Skateboards
Screenshot by author, from YouTube

It’s been a weird year for skateboards. As foretold, hoverboards are here, but they’re either really limited in what they can do or they’re not actually hovering. Fortunately, Peru’s Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog is here to set us straight: What matters isn’t how the board moves, it’s how cool it looks when a dog is the one riding it.

Yesterday, Otto skateboarded through a human tunnel 30 people long, setting the “longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog” record, a very important feat. The event was part of Guinness World Record Day 2015, when a bunch of people (and animals, I guess) do weird unique things more so than other people (or animals) have ever done them before. We live in a strange and beautiful world that encourages and praises this behavior.

Watch Otto skate to glory below: