The Weekly Five: May 19, 2008

Pneumatic staplers and speedy tape measurers on this week's edition

Perfect Punch Placement

Mitutoyo/$60 – $80
When the name of the game is accuracy, an optical center punch can introduce a whole new level of “dead-on” to your projects. With this system you can punch within .002″ of your mark, and your final hole position will be about as accurate as it gets.

Irwin’s Line-Marking Tape Measure

Irwin’s 25′ Strait-Line tape measure features a pencil-less, quick-marking tip. Just measure out your distance, press the bottom of the tape against your material, and mark your line. It’s not laser accurate, but great when speed is the key.

Maglite With A Side Of Beat Down

Ever notice that Maglites look (and are often treated like) modern day billy-clubs? Rothco noticed, too, and their new side-handle system turns any C or D Maglite into a police style tonfa club—for defense or just showing off your mad flashlight-twirling skills.

Preview: Hitachi’s New Pneumatic Staplers

Hitachi recently announced the release of their new N5010A 1/2″ standard crown stapler and N5021A 15/16″ wide crown stapler. Both lightweight staplers are sleek, metal-clad stapling thoroughbreds. And there’s no crazy green rubber, just metal and performance. We dig it.

Hole Saw Slug Problem

Recently we were testing hole saws in the Toolmonger shop, and we managed to get a giant, circular hunk of two-by-four stuck in the cup. After some thought we ended up removing the chunk with a small drill bit and a large common screwdriver, but we wondered if there are better solutions. Toolmongers reply: “Yes!” Click through to see the ideas.