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A father made this sweet DIY project for his kids: it’s a set of pneumatic tubes, as seen in drive-up bank windows, where teeth can be inserted and launched to the tooth fairy. (The video begins: “The population of earth has risen continuously since the Great Famine and Black Death of 1350.” But it gets better! Stick with it.)

The dad, Jeff Highsmith, connected a series of PVC pipes and ran them between his two kids’ rooms. In each room, an iPhone is hooked up to a Raspberry Pi–a small, bare-bones computer–that controls a hidden vacuum, providing suction in the tubes. When a container of teeth is loaded up in the pipes in one room, and the iPhone system used, the teeth are launched to the other room. By stealthily sneaking away to the other room after the teeth are launched, Highsmith or someone else can retrieve the teeth, and in return send back some change. Later, presumably, the teeth will be forwarded to the Tooth Fairy.

Neat. Plus, it’s an all-purpose transport system: the iPhones display options for Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny as well. If you’re versed in some DIY skills, Highsmith has instructions on how the project over at MAKE.

[MAKE via Laughing Squid]