As the old saying goes, “If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.” And in my case, most DIY projects in my NYC apartment look like nails. That’s why, when my wife asked me to hang our television on the wall between our kitchen and bathroom, I knew I needed something more than just my trusty hammer. As you can see, this particular wall consists of an intercom system, light switch as well as the breaker box for our apartment; the perfect storm for a trip to the ER, the trifecta for a three-alarm fire. So, with my limited skills, I sought out help from the most trusted name in home improvement, Stanley Tools.

Much to my delight, I found Stanley already knew that there are people out there just like me that need to eliminate the guesswork when hanging things on walls inundated with live wires. In comes the Stanley® FatMax® Stud Sensor 300, the Rolls-Royce of stud sensors. It has the look and feel of something Tony Stark would have engineered.

It helped me navigate the gauntlet of live wires and pinpoint exactly where each stud was. With its Backlit LCD screen, it helped me clearly see exactly what was going on behind the wall, even in the low light conditions of my apartment. And with its wood and metal stud detection through as much as 1½-inch-deep surface material and AC detection that identifies live wires up to 2 inches deep, I knew that I would be kept from any and all harm. The OnePass™ center-find technology located the stud centers with ease, and the marking channel helped me accurately mark the center of each stud. This is not your father’s stud sensor.

I was able to easily find the center of each stud, while avoiding any and all live wires, drill in the mounting bracket (I reinforced it with a spare piece of ¾ inch plywood) and hang the TV on the wall without any incident (much to my wife’s delight).

What started out as the most daunting of DIY projects soon became the simplest of tasks. When it comes to seemingly impossible wall-hanging projects look no further than the Stanley® FatMax® Stud Sensor 300. I wish everything in life were this easy!