Simple Project of the Month: Build A Rotating Time-Lapse Camera Stand

A panning platform made from a kitchen timer

If you’re into time-lapse photography here is a way to easily build yourself an affordable panning device using some simple tools and a kitchen timer.


Drill a 15/64-inch hole in the center of the dial of a kitchen timer such as Ikea’s Stäm model. Insert a ¼-inch-20 set screw.


Drill an 11/32-inch-diameter hole in the bottom of the timer. Screw a 3/8-inch bolt or a 3/8-inch tap cutter into the hole to create threads for a 3/8-inch to ¼-inch-20 bushing (a threaded insert that allows the timer to be mounted to a tripod).


To use the platform on flat surfaces, cut a piece of rubber mat, leaving a hole for the bushing, and glue it to the bottom of the timer.


Mount the timer on a tripod (if desired), attach the camera, and set the timer. Set the camera to take pictures at regular intervals, and then transfer the shots to a computer and create a panoramic time-lapse montage with photo software.

For more details, go to getawaymoments.
Thanks to Larry Towe for project idea and photographs.