Dan Nosowitz

Hackers took only a few weeks to unlock the new AppleTV’s operating system. Apple wants you to use the $100 aTV2 to watch video from your computer on your TV and to buy movies exclusively from iTunes. But with the “jailbreak,” you can stream video from any app, not just iTunes, and add homegrown software to get extras like a Web browser and a weather interface. Look for many more tweaks this year as well. Here’s how to unlock your aTV2, plus a few other tricks.

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Watch DVDs

Download Evom for your Mac. Evom will rip the video from a DVD and convert it for viewing through the AppleTV.

Watch Videos

Download AirFlick, which converts most videos to an AppleTV-compatible format and beams them to your AppleTV via your wireless network.

Send Video From Any App on Your iPhone/iPad to Your TV

If you have a jailbroken iPhone or iPad with OS 4.2, download AirVideoEnabler, an app that extends AirPlay capability to Safari and other apps, and you’ll be able to stream video like this one.

Change the Interface

Download Seas0nPass to jailbreak the AppleTV. Then get AppleTV Flash ($20) to give the AppleTV interface a web browser, music services like Last.fm, or real-time weather information. Or install XBMC media-center software to replace the device’s front end entirely.