Looking for a DIY project this Labor Day weekend? Wrap up your summer by cooking with this mini charcoal grill, made from a repurposed Altoids tin.

The micro-grill uses a tiny Altoids Sours tin, which Instructables user vmspionage built after seeing a similar device made from a full-sized Altoids box. The larger “eBQ” uses a bent coat hanger as the grill surface; the round one ingeniously uses two small metal computer fan guards.

Instructables has a wealth of DIY grills and smokers, made from materials like terra cotta pots, match-filled condiment cups and more.

The Sours grill is powered by a standard-sized charcoal briquette and is capable of cooking wee hamburgers, tiny s’mores or a full-size hot dog, as long as you cut it down to size. Find out how to build it here.

[via Makezine]