All Jet Everything at World Maker Faire NYC

The madmen of the Madagascar Institute were the only Makers able to compete with Carnett's Whirl in terms of shear volume. This is their pulse-jet-powered merry-go-round in action. Its low, powerful buzz (and the ensuing screams from its riders) could be heard regularly. John Mahoney

I love Maker Faire. I’ve had a blast with makers and their wild creations in San Francisco and in Austin, but this past weekend, Make’s traveling DIY circus came right to my backyard here in NYC. It’s a circus that happens to include a pulse-jet-powered merry-go-round, seen here, among other delights. Which is the right kind of circus.

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If you didn’t make it out to the hallowed New York Hall of Science, previously home to the millions looking toward the future during New York’s two iconic World’s Fairs, check out the coolest artbots, squid cars and jet-powered miscellanea in our highlights gallery here.