Poster Project: Build a Flamethrower

As the weather turned gray this fall, I decided that my workshop needed a bit of color and excitement. What it really needed was a colorful poster or two to liven things up. Because it was such a visible part of my workspace, I really wanted a wall poster that truly reflected what I was interested in.

Now personally, I like big, edgy, and highly kinetic science; where things go whoosh, boom, or splat. But I also wanted something that reflected the DIY part of me, the part that enjoys making interesting things. Why not combine the two?

So, a new product was born: Poster-Projects. People get genuinely excited about them! While the meek and mild might find them a bit edgy, the projects they describe are actually quite safe. Moreover, they work in an inspirational sense for those who buy the posters, not to build the projects, but to have something unique and interesting on the wall.

Poster Projects are a collection of big, full-color posters based on my books. The first two are ready: “How to Build a Flamethrower” and “How to Build a Potato Cannon”. A couple more will be released soon.

I’m open to ideas for future posters–anyone have one? Drop a comment below!

Poster Projects

Poster Project: Build a Potato Cannon