I’m standing on top of the third floor after a very productive day of putting the Kama Eebs panels and the upper joists in place. When the panels arrived, we had just put them in piles all around my site so it was a bit of work just playing the find-and-seek game to get the proper panel to the correct wall location. But then it was just a matter of gluing and screwing the track into place, spraying foam onto both the shiplap joint and the track and tilting the panel into place. Once you have a tight fit, you screw the track and the shiplap joint together and move on to the next unit. Like any new system, it takes a while to get the feel for it and build a rhythm, but with three guys we were able to set a panel in ten minutes by the end of the day.

Here’s a gallery of scenes from the wall blitz.


Room With a View


Steel and Foam


Kama-Eebs Close-Up


Looking into the Second Floor


Second Floor Nearly Done


Looking Up the Hill