Security photo

ePIR Layout

Would you like to reduce the size of your home security system? Like something on the order of magnitude of motion detectors that can fit on a postage stamp? These tiny rectangular sensors are actually powerful passive infrared (PIR) detectors that can be easily slipped into an area where their larger PIR brethren couldn’t even dream of fitting.

Specifically designed for embedded projects, ePIR Motion Detectors are made by Zilog. Yes, those same folks who sparked the personal computer revolution with the Z-80 CPU. In this case, Zilog has created a single board computer (SBC) system for “drop-in,” rapid-time-to-market development featuring a powerful motion detector. Zilog calls this whole motion-sensing shebang ePIR Motion Detection Zdots® Single Board Computer. Heck, the name is bigger than the sensor itself.

But this diminutive ePIR sports some big-body features:

  • 60-degree detection pattern
  • 5-meter range
  • Included Fresnel lens
  • Ambient light filter capability
  • Low power sleep mode
  • Standalone or MCU controlled
  • Built-in sensing algorithms

Oh, and did I say that these little fellas can be battery-powered? Sipping only 3.3VDC, a completely self-contained PIR system could be easily coupled with a buzzer, an LED, or a relay for discreet home sentry duty. Want to add a motion sensor at the end of your driveway? No problem, when using an ePIR as a remote motion trigger system — you’ll have no cables to bury, no complex computer setup procedures; just a simple standalone warning system that could, for example, tell you when the mail has been delivered.

Home security isn’t the only function that suits a Zilog ePIR. You could add an ePIR relay unit to a lamp in a closet, for example, that will automatically turn on when the door is opened. Likewise, proximity sensing is available on an ePIR, simply by adjusting the sensor’s sensitivity input. Therefore, home appliances, like a kitchen news reader terminal, could be activated when someone comes within a couple of feet of the sensor. Voila, instant-on information.

It’s a security system. And it’s a helping hand. Clapper, you’ve met your match. You can order ePIR #692-ZEPIR0AAS01SBCG from Mouser for $6.50.

Security photo

ePIR Schematic