Currie Technologies Electric Motor

If you’ve ever wanted to strap yourself into one of those modern electric rides from Currie Technologies, now’s your chance. A veritable smörgåsbord of surplus motors, gears, and controls is now available from All Electronics. Don’t worry about this selection being a bunch of mismatched DIY surplus junk, either. All of these electric vehicle components are genuine Currie Technologies parts. Heck, All Electronics has even thrown in the kitchen sink — a metal bicycle basket.

Your basic bare-bones parts list might look something like this:

Note: You can locate additional bike-related parts from dealers like Nashbar.


Currie Technologies Metal Basket

Once you’ve obtained the parts, it’s just a matter of fitting everything on your bike frame. Don’t want to struggle with a large DIY headache? You can still add some electric zip to your drive with a Currie Technologies conversion kit. As for performance, an average bike modified with these parts should see a top speed of approximately 10-15 mph, with a range of 10-20 miles. Stay safe and share the road.