1. Solicit Tips

Add a button from microfinance site to your Facebook page, blog or Web site to let your fans tip you for entertaining them. Or encourage your Twitter followers to text-message you some coin: Tipjoy tracks payment “tweets” (usually a dollar or so) and transfers the money via PayPal.

2. Answer Questions

Become an agent for the KGB—the Knowledge Generation Bureau — at Inquiring minds text questions (say, “What are hot dogs made of?”) to 542542 (kgbkgb), which are relayed to agents online. You do some digging, send back a quick, accurate response, and pocket a cool dime each time.

3. Adopt a Blog

Instead of trying to gain a following for a brand-new blog, go to to take over one, like Extreme Critic or Veggieorgasm, that’s been abandoned by its writer. That way you can start with a good Google ranking and maybe even a dedicated readership. Orble takes a cut of your AdSense haul for the trouble.

4. Master a Domain

Put your dot-com cleverness to use at, where clients who are launching a Web site for a new company pay $50 to garner suggestions for a domain name. If they register your idea, you get half the fee.

5. Be a Critic

Rate and review songs on U.K. site, and your opinions will earn you up to 20 cents from the site’s managers for each write-up. Or contribute software reviews to, which shells out at least a buck apiece. Reviews the site deems “damn good” can bring in $50.