It’s all about flexibility on this week’s Top Tools. A reciprocating saw that bends any way you could need, a screwdriver that gives you another hand and a work station you can take anywhere. Our friends at round up the whole collection here.

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Gearless Right-Angle Socket Adapter

When you’re working in tight quarters, you can never have too many adaptors. The CalVan gearless 90-degree socket adapter turns smoothly (read: no “clicking”) and exceeds the ANSI torque specs for universal socket adapters. You won’t need it everyday, but once is enough when you’re stuck with a bolt that won’t come loose.

Take Your Desk With You

Plan Station/$70
This portable job site desk hangs from two nails pounded into any stud wall. It folds up and out of the way when it’s not needed, and when beer o’clock rolls around, you can carry it offsite by the handles like a portfolio. It’s odd, but it beats laying everything out on the hood of your truck.

Greenlee Screw-Holding Driver, Like a Third Hand

Driving a screw with a handheld driver often requires three hands. Since most of us have only two, our best shot is to hold the screw with one hand and use a driver with the other — and about half the time the screw pops loose. Greenlee’s screw-holding drivers hold screws in place with a spring-loaded sleeve that makes for easy, one-handed driving.

Hot or Not? PVC Cutter

Black Rhino/$13
It may look like any other cutter, but many favor this particular tool for its quickness and super-clean cuts in PVC. Toolmonger readers set us straight about this unassuming plastic cutter—just in time to install a new sink in the TM shop.

An Uber-Flexible Reciprocating Saw

The Tiger Claw reciprocating saw features a “3-D” joint that rotates at two different points, making it extremely flexible. It lets you get at a project from almost any angle, even if it’s between or behind a bunch of studs, pipes, or cables.