Clean up your lawn, fix that fence and more. Our friends at round up the best tools of the week here.

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Turf Core Aerator

Lewis Tools/ $22
If a full drum aerator seems like overkill for your yard—and you have some time on your hands—you can just step on the Yard Butler Core Aerator to get air down to those roots. It may take all day, but it’s cheap and doesn’t take up much room in the garage.

Mend Your Fences With a Fence Stretcher

Dutton-Lainson/ $35 to $50
When you need to stretch, splice, staple, or reposition high-tensile, barbed, or smooth wire in the back forty, you’ll probably want to bring along a fence stretcher. Goldenrod’s #405 fence stretcher will keep those cows where they belong and save you some knuckle-busting in the process.

What do You Get When You Cross a Phillips and a Slotted Screwdriver?

Wiha/ $13
The terminal-block screw can be driven with either a slotted or Phillips screwdriver—but there are drawbacks to both. Wiha designed these cross-slotted screwdrivers that offer the best of both worlds: the slotted portion transfers lots of torque, and the cross point doesn’t slip off of the screw head.

Carnauba Lathe Wax

Woodcraft/ $20
We went looking for some nice carnauba wax to finish up turning projects, and Toolmonger readers responded with a ton of recommendations—and places to find good deals. They also came through with a few sweet tips (and recipes) on wax paste and how to apply it.

McCulloch Chipper/Shredder

McCulloch/ $175
Need to shred lawn debris, but aren’t planning to chip trees? Try a smaller, friendlier version like the McCulloch electric shredder. It can handle small lawn waste—like dead bushes or branches too small for an axe—without much trouble.