Want to build your own web-based iTunes storefront? Perhaps to hawk your fave musician’s wares? Unbelievably, Apple has designed a free web service that enables you to add a link to HTML code which will examine a visitor’s computer, identify iTunes, and launch the iTunes app.

What sounds like a perfect portal for a hacker to exploit is really an iTunes Music Store link or iTMS. Just go to the iTMS Link Maker web page, search for your artist, click on the returned database link, and Link Maker will build your HTML code. Now copy this code and insert it into your web page. Then when a visitor clicks on the iTMS link, their iTunes application will launch with a direct connection to the requested artist’s Music Store page.

A sample iTMS Link Maker link code:

[![New Order - iTunes Originals - New Order - Love Will Tear Us Apart (iTunes Originals Version)](](

Even better, this same iTunes launch link can be embedded in an email message. Now when you spread your spam, you can lock in an iTunes launch, too. Think about all of those American Idol votes you can garner with a single email missive.