The Toolmonger Weekly Five: April 21, 2008

A mighty miter saw, ingenious bungee straps and more on this week's Top Tools

Spring cleaning coming up? Bungees that adjust on the fly and super strong shears make trimming and organizing a breeze. The folks at Toolmonger round up this week's best offerings here.

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UltraShear from Superknife

The UltraShear is an anvil-style cutter, rather like a set of pruning shears. But unlike standard pruning shears, you can replace the UltraShear's razor-style blade when it dulls. A push-button safety locks the blade against the anvil for storage. The shears weigh in at 7-1/2 ounces, and their contoured rubber handle looks quite comfy.

Bosch Quick Change Hole Saw System

Bosch/$100 for a set
Bosch's quick-change hole saw system makes it simple to snap a new saw cup to whatever pilot bit you have loaded into the adapter—so you're ready to make holes in no time flat. Of course, you could always carry around a bunch of hole saws with the pilot bits already in them and re-chuck them when you want a different size. But Bosch's solution seems slightly more elegant.

Six-In-One Card Level

Ebisu Diamond/$14
Ebisu Diamond's card level—just 6mm thick and about the size of a credit card—integrates a level, a plumb, 60° and 45° slope, and 1 and 2 percent grade measurements into a single bubble vial. It's only available in Europe, though, so shipping might jack the price up a bit.

Irwin's Tie-Downs Enter Adjustable Territory

Irwin/$3 for one 24" Tie Down
Ever wish you could shorten a bungee strap just a little? Versa-Link adjustable tie-downs feature an anchoring slot every few inches, so if the strap's too long, just double it up and attach the end hook somewhere in the middle. You can also weave 1" webbing through 'em to hold down large, heavy, or odd-shaped items.

Festool's KS 120 Miter Saw is Coming Soon

The long-awaited KS 120 miter saw might actually ship to a dealer near you this summer. The massive sliding compound saw will run about $1,300 and comes loaded with all the sweet Festool goodies tool guys have come to expect. Its variable speed capability will allow a great deal of flexibility in cutting material, with the right blade attached. Gentlemen, start your drooling.