The Toolmonger Weekly Five: April 11, 2008

A treehouse fortress and the steel-cutting abilities of Superman; it's all possible thanks to this week's Top Tools

Start with the tiny sander, end with a sweet treehouse. This week’s edition of Top Tools spans micro to macro and makes even your most ambitious DIY projects possible. Our pals at Toolmonger share the wealth here.

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Out On A Limb

This ingenious piece of hardware threads into a tree and it serves as a mounting point in the construction of tree structures. In short, these fasteners are your first stop in building one sweet treehouse. They’re super expensive, but they were designed to hold a bed-and-breakfast in the trees—no joke.

Preview: Greenlee Battery-Powered Steel Cutter

Greenlee/Not Available Yet
Ever wish you could break steel in half like Superman? An ETS12 battery-powered bolt cutter from Greenlee will do just that, as long as you’re only looking to cut objects like grade 8 bolts and rebar. The ETS12’s head also spins 360 degrees and will cut 100 times before running out of juice. Safety glasses are recommended—blue spandex is optional.

Drive the Point Home With the FrameMaster

The FrameMaster, a tool similar to a staple gun or a manual brad driver, shoots fasteners out of the top of the tool instead of the front. That may sound odd, but it makes driving the delicate framing points that hold the backing in a custom picture frame much easier.

The Flat Bob

Lee Valley/$19
Plumb bobs have been in use since the ancient Egyptians decided to build a few pyramids out back, but Lee Valley adds a modern twist: the Flat Bob’s flat weight slides against a wall instead of rolling like a standard plummet—you know, the weight hanging at the end of the string—and the marking slot lies directly in line with the string so your lines are dead on.

3M’’s Roloc Surface-Finishing Kit

After you run out of crazy solutions and pull out all your hair when your angle grinder doesn’t offer the finesse you need for a small, intricate job, you could try 3M’s Roloc drill-mounted grinding/sanding/finishing system. It’s just like your bigger gear, but sized for the annoying jobs like getting into tiny corners.