All of you SAW III aficionados take note (and quickly, before something bad happens): entombed within this embodiment of evil is a small digital voice recorder just ripe for the hacking. And the price is right, too.

While this Jigsaw mannequin sports the façade of your favorite slasher-flick puppet master, it’s the insides that matter the most. A handy dandy digital voice recorder that can hold up to 30 seconds worth of screams, shrieks, and notes. (“Mom, I have a new girlfriend and her name is Amanda. She’s taking me home to meet her father today. Love, Jeff”). And best of all, at the bargain price of two dollars, the whole thing is probably less expensive than buying similar digital recorder components on their own. And that’s without the horrific mannequin—bonus!

Grab them from All Electronics for $2 each, or even cheaper in bulk. Now get suffering.