Skil/$45 Having cut thousands of pieces of lumber with our trusted 7-1/4" Skilsaw (model 5400-01)--and dropped it off a roof or two as well--we selected it as one of our favorite tools of 2007. It's proved to us time and time again that toughness doesn't always come in expensive packages. toolmonger

Skil Expands Their Circ-Saw Blade Lineup

Skil/ $100
Skil’s new 77 series contractor blades might actually entice you to try a few cuts with it, instead of opting for a higher-dollar blade right out of the box. The new blades sport a thin-kerf design, which results in a faster cut versus fat-body blades. Toolmongers remain cautious, but these do look like an improvement over the standard Skil blades.

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