The Toolmonger Weekly Five: March 14, 2008

Pick locks and shoot pins with this week's edition of Top Tools

This is the week to measure angles, pick locks and more. Our pals at break down the week’s top tools here.

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Find Your Angle With Tajima Slant Tools

Tajima/$30 and $40
Calculating rise over run isn’t like horseshoes and hand grenades–close won’t hack it. With Tajima’s slant tool, you don’t even have to calculate. Instead, you just directly measure the angle with a quick check and a turn of your thumb.

Preview: Milwaukee V28 4-1/2” Grinder

The latest tool in Milwaukee’s ever-expanding V28 line, this new 4-1/2″ grinder is a 28-volt monster that won’t leave you tripping over cords. We’re excited to see how it performs, as most cordless angle grinders have, in our experience, proven a bit wimpy for daily use.

Lock Pick Tools

Southern Specialties/$30
In some parts of the country, carrying a set of lock-picking tools in public will get you a trip to the local lockup. That fact alone makes these tools a cool and dangerous product. Many insist that lock-picking is a great hobby and that the tools are uber-handy to have around—we can see why.

Knipex Insulated Ratchets

Though it looks like a Fisher Price offering, the Knipex insulated ratchet is far from a kid’s toy. Knipex designed this ratchet for high voltage—way past the Christmas lights realm. These suckers are rated for 1,000 volts.

Bostitch Pinner: Saves Fill Time

Skipping the clamps can save a ton of time on basic woodworking projects, but filling nail holes sucks. The Bostitch 23-gauge headless pinner kit shoots headless pins, dramatically reducing fill work. Best of all, headless pins virtually eliminate jamming–so you won’t find yourself stuck when you need this gun the most.