The Shape-Shifting Origami Table

Braun Woodline

Imagine a table that could be quickly expanded/collapsed to accommodate any size dinner party. Oh sure, some tables have a set of panels that can be inserted for changing the size of a table. But, there’s that nuisance storage factor of where do you keep the panels when not in use. Oh, ‘no prob,’ you say; just keep the panels permanently installed in the table. Or, better yet, buy a drop-leaf table with a movable side panel.

OK, smarty pants, try that same trick with a round table.

The Braun Woodline morphing.

Braun Woodline – Moving

The Braun Woodline morphing.

Such was the challenge that designer Phillippe Braun undertook in 2004. In just 9 months, Braun had created the award-winning Braun Woodline expandable table. Nights of the round table, behold, I give you more elbow room.

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