The Toolmonger Weekly Five: February 8, 2008

Keep it safe and keep it stored; blade disposal is just the beginning in this week's edition

Outta sight! A ninja-worthy wire concealer, ultra-safe razor receptacle and sleeker, smarter toolbox are just some of this week’s picks from our friends at

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No Truck? No Problem!

Side Rax/$35 The Side Rax lumber carrying system is proof positive that you don’t need a truck to haul lumber back to your apartment wood shop. The Rax hooks can carry a 44 lb. load of lumber to your “work site”–or prepare you for a spirited round of freeway jousting with your friends.

Sharp Things Are Dangerous–Dispose Of Them Properly!

OLFA/$5 Used-up razor blades aren’t entirely used-up. Less-than-perfect blades may not cut foam core accurately, but they’ll slice up your hand if you encounter one in a waste bin. The DC-4 blade disposal case stores trashed blades in a tough, escape-proof box until you’re ready to find a suitable place to dump a€˜em.

FatMax Mobile Work Station

Stanley/$80 Instead of the funky drawer system found on many toolboxes, the Stanley Fat Max Mobile Work Station just slides open to reveal all the compartments and drawers at one time. Plus, they’re integrated into a wheeled dolly, saving even more hassle. All one piece, it collapses for travel in about five seconds.

Ninja Wiring With WireTracks

WireTracks/$30 per 8′ Ninjas conceal themselves in plain sight–just like this sweet solution to running surround sound or network cables in your home. The WireTracks system hides wires in hollow plastic shields shaped like crown molding or baseboards, eliminating the need for costly wall demolition–or fishing around between studs in a dark crawl space.

Corner Clamps: Box-Building Made Simple

Boston Industrial/$3 Constructing boxes is a basic woodworking skill that’s not as easy as it seems–unless you have a set of corner clamps handy. These clamps hold two pieces of wood together at a right angle, so you don’t have to nail or screw them together while the glue dries.