The Toolmonger Weekly Five: February 22, 2008

Impress your friends and win Mr. T's adoration with the welders, rigs and saws in this week's top tools

Power tools are well and good, but often its the random bits and pieces which save the day. In this week’s Top Tools, it’s all about the attachments that make good tools better. A three-in-one hole saw sticks onto your drill; a flexy-straw extender makes caulking a breeze; and a portable monster welder . . . Well, that’s just cool. Our friends at give us the low down here.

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Dress Up Your Projects With Isoloc Joints

Leigh/$199 Nothing says craftsmanship like well-made dovetail joints, but who says sturdy has to be stodgy? Leigh’s new jig lets you cut seemingly-impossible curvy Isoloc joints with ease. But good luck convincing your friends you did them yourself.

The Flextension Caulking Tube Tip

Fastening Solutions/$3 Remember those bendy straws that made it easier to get chocolate milk from the nether-regions of your Batman cup? Here’s the adult, caulking version. The Flextension tip applies the same principle to a tube of caulk, so you can seal those hard-to-reach areas sans fuss.

A Whole Hole Saw Kit In One Tool

Vermont American/$20 Believe it or not, this is a hole saw. More specifically, it’s a bunch of hole saws in one. The three blades in the middle adjust to cut a hole 1-1/8″ to 2-1/2″ in diameter. Its handiness outweighs most downsides, but be aware that you may need a deft touch to cut through some materials.

Make Your Drill More Flexible

Fuller/$9 You won’t pull this attachment out often, and your contractor buddies will likely make fun of it. (It does look like a plastic centipede.) But we’re down with anything that makes an impossible drill/driver job possible, and the Flexible Extension does exactly what its name suggests.