DIY doesn’t have to be dull. Break it down with a rugged stereo, then keep it together with an unbeatable nailer. Those are just some of this week’s picks from our friends at

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Black & Decker’s Do-Everything Battery Boom Box

Black and Decker/$70
The PSS100B is like the Run-DMC of Black & Decker’s “Power To Go” line. And it wraps a big-ass SLA battery, a 120V inverter, LED lights and an AM/FM digital radio all up in a package that Funkmaster Flex would’ve happily carried around. Don’t forget the MP3 player compartment–complete with an audio tap and a USB power source for charging.

A Fence For Your Carpenter’s Square

Think of the Veritas square fence like a third hand that helps you true up your square and scribe more accurate lines. It braces against the side of your work surface so there’s no need to ask, “Is it flush and square?”

Stock Up (And Save Your Dash) With This Nylon Pry Tool Set

Ever wonder how the guys at the stereo shop pulled your interior out without marring all those flimsy plastic panels? Their secret: a nylon tool set like this one from Eastwood. As a bonus, it looks like a movie car thief’s tool set.

A John Deere for Home

John Deere/$6,500
Deere’s not just for farmers–they also make zero turn mowers for rich homeowners. This year’s updated Z-Trak “Estate Series” mowers will arrive at dealerships soon, and they pack a virtual arsenal of grass-hacking armaments: 25 HP V-Twin engines and integrated electronic controls to raise and lower the deck.

TM’s 2007 Favorites: Ridgid 2-1/8″ Brad Nailer

Our favorite finish nailer of ’07 has been this completely unstoppable, orange, nail-shooting tank. Beating after beating, the little Ridgid proves it’s just as sturdy as its larger counterparts in the Ridgid line–and it still holds the Toolmonger shop record for never jamming.