Honey, they’ve shrunk the Web server. This almost sounds like a big fluffy bag of vaporware, but OLIMEX, Ltd has indeed reduced a viable Web server footprint to fit inside of a plastic DB-25 shroud.

Known as the PIC-MICRO-WEB, this Internet interface is designed around two PIC mainstays: the PIC18F67J60 microcontroller and Microchip’s TCP-IP stack. This could be the foundation for adding Web services to your next embedded project.

And if your jaw ain’t off the floor yet, here goes again: the PIC-MICRO-WEB also contains an RJ45 Ethernet port. Ahem, complete with support for Power-Over-Ethernet (PoE) so that no external power supply is needed. Otherwise, you could draw your power through the PIC-MICRO-WEB’s DB-25 parallel port. You can purchase the PIC-MICRO-WEB for $69.95 (known as the Ethernet Micro Web Device; #DEV-08557) from SparkFun Electronics.