The Toolmonger Weekly Five: January 25. 2008

Don't DIY blindly—our friends at Toolmonger round up the best tools for any project

A successful DIY project always starts with the right tools for the job. And no one is better than helping with that first step than our good friends over at We’ve long been fans of their heroic coverage of the wide, wide world of tools–if you can find it at Home Depot, chances are the guys at Toolmonger have put it through its paces.

So it’s with great pleasure we introduce the Toolmonger Top 5, a weekly roundup of the best new tools and products. Launch the gallery here, and keep a look out for a new one each Friday: Just in time for your weekend projects.

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Byrdrench’s Two-Fisted Multi-Tool

Byrdrench/Spiderco/$55 The Byrdrench would fit right in with 007’s arsenal. Not only does it pack a small toolbox in it’s slender form, it also separates down the middle to reveal an easy-open knife blade. It’s the closest thing you’re going to find this side of Cybertron to a Transformer–not to mention, it serves as four different types of hand tools while lookin’ good.

A Knotty Learning Tool

The Fourteener/$15 Unless you were an Eagle Scout knot-tying champion, you most likely don’t know how to tie more than one or two basic types of knots. The Fourteener knotting tool teaches you how to tie knots on a small, specially crafted learning board–it’ll take your rope-wrangling skills from sad to MacGyver in no time flat.

Goodbye Fish Tape, Hello Magnafish

Magnafish/B.E.S./$90 From the “Why didn’t I think of that?” files comes the Magnafish. Instead of fishing around for the wire you know you strung behind that wall, just use the Magnafish to attract it and tell it where you want it to go. We’re sure this big magnet will deter a great deal of violence against drywall.

What Exactly Is A Base-Boar-Zit?

Base-Boar-Zit/Labor Saving Devices/$110 A Base-Boar-Zit drills a curved hole into a wall and base board stud. It’s not much use for anyone who isn’t running cable behind a wall, but those who are get stoked at the very sight of one. Basically, line the base up with the wall, use a drill to power the bit, and push. You get a nice clean hole through the wall ready for cable.

Hot or Not? “Blind” Tool Selection

Is it a good idea to buy tools with brand names you don’t know? How do you discover new tool deals? Toolmonger readers weigh in with their usual hardcore insight. The result: a spirited back and forth over what makes a good tool buy.