Think you´ve created the next amazing, breakthrough invention or know someone who has? We want to hear about it! PopSci is searching for the most original and clever inventions of the past year for an upcoming issue. Here´s what we´re looking for:

  • Must be an item (not a service, concept or idea) that´s aimed toward commercialization; not a one-off build.
  • Must be truly inventive-something original that solves a real problem in an elegant and clear way, not just an improvement on another existing product.
  • Should be mainly the work of one person or a small group-industry- or university-affiliatied inventors are fine (as are garage-based inventors), as long as the invention reflects the passionate vision of one inventor or a small team.
  • Must have a working prototype.

How to submit: Send no more than 300 words describing your invention and the story behind it, as well as a photo (or links to photos) to by Feb 15, 2007. Please include the best way to reach you in case we need more information.